Cultural Workers for Europe

“If it could be done all over again, I would have started with culture.”

This frequently quoted phrase by Jean Monnet, founding father of the European Economic Community, is fake news. Monnet never said these words. After the Second World War the European Community was founded on markets, not on culture.

We are…

  • artists, curators, critics, technicians, philosophers, architects, graphic designers, web developers, educators, historians, communicators, programmers, archivists, researchers, scientists, innovators, creators, librarians, scenographers, producers, …
  • young and old
  • aspiring, emerging, established, retired, …
  • cultural workers and concerned citizens

We see Europe first and foremost as a cultural space and a state of mind, much older and less obsessed by borders than the current European project. There is a growing sense of urgency. A societal paradigm shift is needed to inspire the European political body in the making, nothing short of a ‘New Renaissance’.

We consider Europe much larger than the political capital of Brussels and the renewed axis between Germany and France.

We find Europe's political discourse lacks scenarios on how to address global issues such as migration, super diversity, climate change, the intense energy use, the financial crisis, inequality, unemployment, terrorism, ... in a substantial way.

We have shown our involvement in the European project many times already, by calling upon our leaders and by participating in numerous debates with European decision makers.

We believe now is the time to act.

Let’s reboot Europe starting with culture.

We prepare for a European Renaissance through culture and science with artistic manifestations in Europe and Brussels from 2019 onwards. We want to reset Europe for its ‘renaissance’ as an object of desire, a matter of fun, delight, elegance, trash and humour. We will invite Europeans and non-Europeans to converge and exchange in a joyful cultural melting pot. We will present Europe as a project of unlimited propositions, of endless possibilities which involve and generate participation and activism at all levels.
Cultural workers for Europe will play their part by preserving in the production of great art, inspiring language, innovative technology and triggering actions as if nothing had been altered; something they have been doing for centuries and will continue to do for many centuries to come.

This is the first step in a series of future actions, the start of a much larger process. We call on you to join us.

A call for commitment

To those who want to build a Europe:

  • that goes beyond a single market and a union of economic and financial interests
  • that actively resists nationalism and xenophobia, greed and inequality
  • that works for everyone, and is built on empathy and solidarity between cities, regions, nations, and people
  • that integrates culture and civil engagement at the heart of efforts to stimulate social cohesion, cultural exchange, environmental sustainability and (technological) innovation

We call on you to:

  1. Redefine Europe as a truly democratic project through ideas, stories, culture and art.
  2. Develop a clear understanding of the power within Europe’s rich cultural resources to innovate.
  3. Embrace the contribution of former and yet to come diasporas.
  4. Help forge a new sense of collective purpose that goes beyond the accumulation of wealth.
  5. Ensure the contribution of diverse heritage, craft, memory, and talent alongside research, science and technology.
  6. Support and stimulate diversity, language exchange, and mutual understanding through cultural exchange and collaboration.
  7. Invest in the learning of art and culture in formal and non-formal education to stimulate imagination, curiosity, creativity, critical and emotional intelligence.
  8. Practice a culture of pluralism and integrity when designing public policies and public-private-people partnerships, fostering the commons.
  9. Involve citizens in the renewal of Europe through a collaborative spirit and open exchange of ideas and cultures.
  10. Create new pan-European networks.
  11. Celebrate individuality, sharing, collectivity, complexity, freedom, criticality, joy, elegance, humour, gastronomy, and quality of life.
  12. Unite in the struggle for a peaceful, prosperous, and diverse Europe.